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Lily Manette is an alter ego  created from a character I love and a book I like. Please note that it is not my real name, though you may call me Lily. I mostly read young adult, mysteries, and classics. When I was old enough to understand English and used dictionary, I read Enid Blyton, Judith McNaught, Agatha Christie, and The Lord of the Rings. Nowadays, I have grown out of Enid Blyton, but not Agatha Christie and Tolkien.

Over the years, I have also discovered new favourite authors in Stephen King, Ann Radcliffe, Daphne du Maurier, The Brontë Sisters, Jane Austen, Anna Katherine Green, Wilkie Collins, and Fanny Burney. This year, I have decided to focus more on reading the classics to make up for the lack of it in 2014. I've even followed book blogs on classics literature to strengthen my resolution. Hopefully. the favourite authors list will grow longer by the end of the year. I already have some Trollope, Emile Zola, and Victor Hugo waiting to be read on my shelf.

Please make yourself comfortable and talk to me about your favourite books and authors. I'd love for book recommendations from you. Happy reading!

Contact Me: lilymanette@gmail.com

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